For those of you who did not spend the last few days huddled up in front of the live webcast, we have compiled all video highlights of the 2012 Burton US Open in Stratton/Vermont. Click yourself through all the action from riders like Shaun White, Elena Hight, Seb Toots, and Jamie Anderson!

All videos provided by the inimitable TTR.


1st Place Men: Shaun White

2nd Place Men: Louie Vito

3rd Place Men: Benji Farrow

1st Place Women: Elena Hight

2nd Place Women: Kelly Clark

3rd Place Women: Ellery Hollingsworth


1st Place Men: Sebastien Toutant

2nd Place Men: Ulrik Badertscher

3rd Place Men: Seppe Smits

1st Place Women: Jamie Anderson

2nd Place Women: Kjersti Buaas

3rd Place Women: Enni Rukajärvi