A good clean rodeo is surely second only to a method when it comes to style. Those who can do them know it makes them kings of the world for about a second a half. Those of us who can't are forced to marvel at the neat simplicity of both spinning and flipping at the same time, without dizzying us. And whatever kind of snowboarding floats your boat, the same applies: throw a rodeo over a pillow, out of a pipe, round a tree, off a wall, even in the dark, and the stoke will beam across your face all day. Burton know this too. So naturally they've cut and pasted an orgy of them together with the kind of reckless abandon usually displayed by small children filling a bag of pick and mix right to the brim. Let Peetu Piironien, Mikkel Bang, Marko Grilc, John Jackson, Danny Davis and their chums do all the work. All you have to do is press play, and your eyes will widen for two whole minutes. You know you want to.