We Ride sets out to tell, as it claims, the 'story of snowboarding'. They've gone to town and interviewed many of the great and good who played a part in snowboarding's evolution, combined it with archive and more current footage and will be premiering it right here on Sunday 24 Feb 2013 at 19.00 CET. Check the teaser here.

It looks like it's gonna be a proper chin-stroker of a film, with chat from the likes of pioneers Sherman Poppen, Chuck Barfoot and Jake Burton to legends like Terje, Todd Richards, JP Walker and Gian Simmen, all the way up to current bosses like Gigi Rüf and Ståle Sandbech, amongst many others.

here's their 101...

burn’s We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding continues to receive praise and acclamation from the snowboarding community and beyond. Weaving emotion, passion, rebellion, rivalry and untamed progression, this compelling cinematic journey into snowboarding’s unique history is a must see film. Taking viewers on a journey spanning over four decades, burn’s We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding brings together over 20 of snowboarding’s pioneers for the first time to examine the sport’s defining moments and most notable characters. Gaining unrivalled access to the legends of snowboarding, We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding digs deeper than ever before into the fascinating minds of the people who were there to witness history unfold. The film interweaves never before seen footage with sequences of culture, music, fashion, rebellion and snowboarding triumph, to tell the sport’s history in a fresh and innovative way.


CONTRIBUTORS: Sherman Poppen · Chuck Barfoot · David Seoane · Tina Basich · JP Walker · Todd Richards · Jake Burton · Kier Dillon · Danny Davis · Tom Burt · Brad Steward · Tom Hsieh · Mike Chantry · Mike Basich Regis Roland · Reto Lamm · Norm Saylor · Marcel Looze · Christophe Dubi · Danny Burrows · Gigi Rüf ·Ståle Sandbech · Trent Bush · Gian Simmen · Terje Håkonsen · Trevor Graves · Kevin Pearce