Burn sent their crack unit of sugar water drinkers - Gigi Rüf, Arthur Longo, Ståle Sandbech and Mat Crepel - to the wilds of northern Sweden with our buddy Johannes Ostergaard to film this short on the contrasting sides to freestyle snowboarding. Worth 5 minure of your time for sure.

They could sum up the concept far better than we could ever manage, so here's Burn's chat on the flick...

The world is in the midst of a technological revolution, and snowboarding is no exception. From its humble roots where snowboarders would hand-shape jumps. to today’s cutting edge scene where pro riders require ever bigger, ever more perfectly sculpted features to try the latest tricks. But with two sides to every argument, is this evolution really an improvement? Are the machines taking over? The Burn Units take to the mountains to decide. It’s an army of snow cats, pipe dragons, winches and skidoos versus good old fashioned shovels and sweat.

Deep in the wild and varied backcountry of Riksgränsen, it’s back to basics as Gigi Rüf and Arthur Longo bring a slice of their trademark creativity to adapt to the natural terrain. Meanwhile park kings Ståle Sandbech and Mathieu Crepel embrace the mechanical age to create the ultimate kicker where their technical prowess shines.

It’s the impact of this technology that paves the way for progression within snowboarding; bigger and better tricks are no longer an expectation but a given. But as long as snowboarding exists, they’ll always be those who reach for the shovel and just harness what nature offers.

Check Human/Machines now to see where the debate takes them.

Featuring Burn Units snow team riders Gigi Rüf, Arthur Longo, Ståle Sandbech and Mathieu Crepel. A short film by Johannes Östergård.