We do not condone cutting down trees, building illegal campsites, and creating your private jibtopia. However, what these guys are doing each winter is fucking rad!

No politics here, just the good ol' boys making fires, drinking coffee, cooking meat, talking about girls, the occasional dizzy stick, and snowboarding. Raw snowboarding. Just how it should be. Snowboarding is alive and well at the Bone Zone. -Cory Grove

Filmed By:

Harry Hagan, Sean Lucey, Cole Taylor, Ross Phillips

Pat Fenelon, Connor Brown, Mike Morgan, Rob Balding, Jon Ray, Ted Borland

Edit: Ted Borland

Set Design: Ted Borland, Matty Moriarty, Dave Kerwin, Harry Hagan, Devon the Dude, Spencer Schubert, Alex Andrews, Red the dawg, and Mary.

Have a great winter!


Everyone from the bone zone.

p.s. no marks no busters no mark ass busters