BLV/NTHG are back with another spot check. This time it's all about summertime Dachstein rails.

It's summertime and that means you can only go snowboarding at the glacier and so all of our friends meet up at the Dachstein Superpark to easy ride some slush together. That's one of the best parts of the season, because there is no stress at all, it's just having fun up there. We did film a bit from time to time and know we ended up with a few Shots from David, Pansen and also Gallsn that we wanted to use. Flo Galler has gone up to the glacier for a QParks Shooting in Spring already and the Footage is just too good, so we decided to just use them again. It's all about the sustainability...

Featured individuals // Flo Galler, David Struber & Flo Pötzl

Filmed // Balint Hambalko, Stefan Langgartner & Lukas Lerperger

Edited // Lukas Lerperger

Music // Blouse - Videotapes (