Episode 4 of Blauvelt's Backcountry is live and direct, and sees Jake road trip around Chile with buddies Eric Jackson and Matt Ladley.

Jake Blauvelt's killer webisodes roll on with this in-depth look at his crew's trip to Chile. It's a mixed bag of highs and lows - they score some of the best snow ever in Nevados de Chillan, only for it to become windblown and bulletproof the next day; they meet the friendliest people but the walkway on the house they stay in collapses and the chimney catches fire; they rip awesome sunset pow but constantly struggle with snow chains.

This is far from your quick-fix interwank webisode - it's a thorough look at what the life of a pro shredder is really all about. Set yourself aside 20-odd minutes to watch this interesting doco and shreddery mashup.