Billy Morgan is another Brit shredder who's been turning heads in Europe. Check this late-season edit from Avoriaz and you'll see the kid has mad skills...

We had our filmer hook up with Billy last week in Avoriaz Park to take advantage of the slush-filled funtimes, but we weren't expecting them to come back with this. Alongside travel bud Andy Nudds (whose online part we just posted), Morgan's been quietly going about his business, honing his skills to the point that now it's looking like he can hold his own with the Euro elite.

And it showed at the recent Ride and Seek pro contest at Snowbombing, where he was unlucky not to take the top spot with his back 9 and deeeep double backie just edged out by Peter K├Ânig's double front and back 9. We also found out it's wise not to wind him up after the vodka's taken hold. Our filmer's bloody nose would agree.

Have to say, while the back 10 double, double back 180 and the rest of his techness are awesome, it's the early nose/tail grab hit that had us bugging out most. He even holds the grab on the landing. What?

Watch it, homies.