Ahead of this summer's season, Windells have dropped a particularly sick shredit of last year's shenanigans. Watch it, then book your flights...

Summer's coming and with it the radness of summer camps. Though camps have become more and more scarce here in Europe, over the pond they're still a big deal and Windells is one of the sickest around. And now they've dropped their pretty dang spectacular edit of the highlights from last summer's haps to get you pumped on this year.

They rather boldly state that this is the 'Best of Snowboarding.' Well now hang on a minute, there aren't any double corks let alone triple corks in it. Isn't that what is best in snowboarding these days? That's what the internet would have you think. Well, that and Dual Snowboards, of course. Oh, there is a double at the end. Ok, carry on.