The Pirates' new movie UNIQUE8 went on sale on iTunes today, so to celebrate they've released this rad edit with Gigi Rüf talking about his pretty unique front 10 tucknee...

This is a sweet edit from the Pirates to drum up interest in the iTunes release of UNIQUE8 - they get Gigi to talk about his crazy front 10 tucknee and show some of the history of the trick.

If you want more of bossman Rüf, buy UNIQUE8. The fact that Gigi alone is in it means it's worth the download price - he scored the ender and there's some hammers in there that need to be seen to be believed, plus of course that infamous Rüf flow - but the whole movie has to be one of our favourites this winter. The Pirates did a sterling job, and while it can't have been easy cutting back on riders the resulting movie feels super tight, and more importantly, makes you want to send it in pow like right away.

Nab yourself UNIQUE8 on iTunes.