The Postland Theory massive hit up 2 Alpes with the Garbage Gang crew and, in addition to slaying the jibs and jumps of the French glacier, discover that bananas dipped in beer is the best thing ever. Check the edit...

Being able to ride in summer is awesome but Les Deux Alpes is far from perfect so we brought beers and bananas because they make everything better.

First 4 days at the Garage Camp with Garbage Gang was chill and after that some Dutch kiddie camp mayhem.

Thanks to GVconstructions and ofcourse Garage bar and the Garbage Gang.

Riders: Øivind Fykse, Lolololo, Nicolo Pezzato, Jochen Greven, Jesse Augustinus, Jeroen Kooistra, Veroniqi Hanssen, Jakub Szkaradek, Maxim Meyer, Elena Graglia, Gerben Verweij, Max De Vries, Olivier Maes, Kas Lemmens