How come no one told us Brain Farm had another film coming out!? Sadly our first class tickets to the NYC world Premiere of Brain Farm's The Art of Flight, their epic follow up to That's It, That's All, were lost in the post but luckily some camera dudes were there to capture what went down. Warning: Contains Justin Timberlake.

The premiere was kind of a big deal. Held at the iconic Beacon Theatre it welcomed the film’s entire cast and crew including Travis Rice, John Jackson, Pat Moore, Mark Landvik, Nicolas Müller, Mark McMorris, Eero Niemela, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Jeremy Jones, DCP, celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Mike Diamond from the Beastie Boys and Owen Wilson, as well as the world’s best surfers, plus thousands of enthusiastic fans.

You can buy The Art of Flight from iTunes, and after watching it we'd say you should unless you like rails, hate powder, hate slow-mo more, and detest seeing the most insane booters you've seen get owned. Maybe not your pre-shred amper, but interesting, awesomely filmed and rammed full of heavy, heavy, HEAVY snowboarding.