Stop what you're doing and watch this now. Teaser 2 for Brain Farm's second film, The Art of Flight, is live. Ho. Lee. Sheeet!

The Art of Flight (AKA the most eagerly awaited snowboard film of, like, ever) is Travis Rice and Curt Morgan's follow-up to their rulebook re-writing movie from a couple seasons back, That's It, That's All.

And following their TITA teasing strategy, after giving us a couple months to scrape our jaws off the floor following the release of The Art of Flight's first teaser they've now dropped the 'Metal' teaser to blow our minds once more.

There's no dramatic scoring to this bad boy; just good old fashioned speed metal serving as the audio backdrop to the collage of scenic shots, heli shots, FRICKING HUGE DOUBLECORK SHOTS, slow-mo shots, shots of dang good shredding, shots of a bear and many shots of avalanches.

There is no doubt in our minds that this film will be nothing short of splendiferously frickin' awesome. Roll on September 7.