We just received the fourth teaser for the upcoming Argon Films production. Which is when we realised that we never posted the third teaser. Oh well, just scroll down and there it is!


Hidden Playgrounds

The urban snowboarding is an integral part of the snowboarding nowadays. At this point it is not just hardcore rail action, it is more like using the urban areas with its characteristics for example ledges, drops, wallrides – just using the streets as your playground. Bungee ropes and winches do have for sure a major impact on this very creative way of snowboarding in the cities. Another advantage of this development is: it brings back the „older“ guys, who stopped urban riding, because rails went bigger and bigger and so did the risk of getting injured. They come back because nowadays it is about controlled ollies, the right touch for speed and a good view for spots.

Beside Dominik Wagner and Mario Wanger, who were shooting in Finland there was a second rail crew consisting of Fips, Herby and Stani who were on rail missions in the Salzburg area. And they were good finding the spots!! No more talk here – be curious about some thrilling shots full of action.

This is it with our little teasers so far, hope you liked it and we will keep you updated. Make sure to check Argon films facebook site, to get the latest news!

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