Our homeboy Antti Autti has been filming all last season for his upcoming movie, ANTIOUT. And this is the teaser for it.

Antti was always a solid competitor, bagging golds at the X Games, Toyota Big Air, Vans Cups and, memorably, kicked Shaun White out at the Air&Style a few years back; remember the crowd? "Antti?" "Autti!"

But he's more than a contest jock and changing sponsors a couple years back allowed him to shift his focus and get out of the bib boarding scene. ANTIOUT is the result: based of Antti's travels with friends, the movie follows the Finn around as he scopes new locations to let rip.

The teaser's looking good - faux 8mm, powder blasting and park stomping - and for those looking forward to the full movie set your calendars for "earliest October 31st but not later than November 2nd 2011." Now that sounds like a our kind of deadline...