[Asahidake powder heaven]

Watch Finnish styler Antti Autti have barely legal fun, ripping Japan's bottomless pow pow apart.

While we've all been stuck in bone-dry Europe, people with less office commitments have been lapping up another awesome powder-filled season in Japan. Seriously, how does Onboard Asian Snowboarding Magazine sound anyhow? We'll be putting that to the powers that be...

Anyway, Finnish ripper Antti Autti is one who made the jump to the Land of the Tit-Deep Pow where he's busy filming for his Antiout project that will drop as a free download this coming Fall. According to him, this is the first season where he's truly shredding on his own terms and so we're pumped to see what he comes up with for the movie. By the look of it he's finally able to show the world he's more than just a contest rider - he looks like he's pretty damned comfortable in the deep stuff too, as you'll see from these two recent clips. Damn, we're jealous. Can we get on your board program, homie?


[Hokkaido powder heaven]