Ok, ok. So from now on November 7 is officially Free Finnish Full Movie Day. And seeing as it's FFFMD, here's Antti Autti's eagerly-awaited self-produced movie, ANTOUT. It is a banger.

Our buddy Antti Autti spent the whole of last season stepping away from the contest circus and getting right amongst the backcountry with his crew of friends. The result is ANTIOUT.

Antti's made a name for himself by slaying the contests of the world - remember the X-Games win and that time in Munich when 30,000-odd people were screaming his name when he was head-to-head with Shaun White? - but last year he decided it was time to focus on a fresh challenge in snowboarding - namely backcountry and natural terrain riding. Turns out he's got a knack for that too.

Here's the chat...

After ten years of traveling around the world in contest-circuit, Finnish snowboarding legend Antti Autti decided to do things in his own way - he wanted to hit the natural terrain. He spent a year searching for the best spots and the deepest powder. Documenting these explorations gave birth to ANTIOUT.

Starring: Joel Lahti, Hans Kestilä, Miikka Hast, Naku Piirainen and Antti Autti. Also featuring Enni Rukajärvi, Peetu Piiroinen, Saku Tiilikainen, Arto Saraniemi and Eero Niemelä.

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