Snowboarder Daniel Paulson was having a cruisy day in Snowbasin, Utah - y'know logging some green run GoPro footage, minding his own business, when some little kid on skis cut right in front of him. He managed to swerve around her, until another kid skis right out from behind his dad, who happens to be standing smack bang in the middle of the run. And like in a real-life snow equivalent of the game frogger, you're gonna get hit by a truck eventually. Wallop.

Instead of checking on his kid, skier dad proceeds to rage at poor daniel and even whacks him with his kid's ski. Pretty out of order if you ask us:

As I was looking back up the hill, after I stopped sliding, the father of the boy came down and started yelling at me. He got in my face and started cussing at me. And then he punched me.

This particular encounter with an aggressive skier dad out loose in the wild, reminded us of this classic from a couple years back, where a bunch of dudes in Whistler encounter one unnecessarily aggressive dad who felt the need to be a big shot. What a mong: