Feed your eyes with German shredbot Alex Tank's full part from this year's Isenseven movie, Don't Panic. They'll be releasing more full parts over the coming weeks, so stay tuned...

You know it, we know it: Isenseven are one of the finest shred film crews in Europa and, dang it, on the planet. Each year their blend of high-quality filming and editing, solid riding and accessible funtime vibes result in an immensely watchable movie that never fails to deliver the goods.

Seeing as we're living in the days of DVD rips and pixellated YouTube uploads, the Isenseven boys have decided that, rather than waste their time pulling the plug on the numerous pirated parts, they'll bear hug modern technology till the pips squeak and release über-quality sections from this season's movie over the coming few weeks. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. As they say themselves: "Since we've found like 2 million crappy DVD rips of our movie on YouTube, mostly in 4:3 format and all kinds of other shittyness, we'll be bringing you all parts from Don't Panic! in full super-quality. One every week. First up: Señor Alex Tank."

And once you've got past the shapely ladies in the hippy intro, Herr Tank certainly puts 'em down in a solid display of metal mastery. Check it.