The season ender at Snowpark Grasgehren was certainly one for the books, a perfect round up for all the good times that went down this winter.

The crew supplied a sick setup after three solid days of pushing and shaping snow, the park was full of riders, the bar was overflowing with the local beers and a pig sacrificed itself to supply the fine folks with more protein than a gym jocks shake and keep everyone shredding long throughout the day.

The highest ollie and limbo session went off for those who kept their flexibility after gorging on the fine spread and Mr Alex Schlund came out victorious with a monster 3.4ft pop over the limbo stick. Congrats Alex! You're heading to Riksgränsen/ Sweden for the legendary Banked Slalom in just a few weeks time with free flights, accommodation and party times. We're not jealous at all...

Riders: Felix Georgii, Tobi Hartmuth, Yanneck Konda, Moritz Kläger

Camera: Florian Mayer, Beat Schwiersch

Cut: Florian Mayer