The latest episode of Absinthe's Flipside - titled The End - follows a pretty much all-time crew of shredders (Nicolas Müller, Wolle Nyvelt, Jake Blauvelt, Lucas Debari and Bode Merrill) as they take their annual pilgrimage to Alaska. One word: BANGING.

If it's your first time in Alaska can you think of anyone better than having Nicolas Müller and Wolle Nyvelt show you the ropes? AK freshmen Jake Blauvelt, Bode Merrill and Lucas Debari - no slouches when it comes to snowboarding it must be said - reap the rewards of guidance from the two Euro Jedis when they popped their Alaskan cherry, and the result is some banging natural terrain freestyle.

It's not just the shredding that's first rate; it's also super interesting to see just what it takes to get footage dialled in AK's heavy, unpredictable but downright awesome terrain. Enjoy.