Thar be bangers in this 'ere quick clip for Retrospect, one of two Videograss releases for 2011. Check 'em...

Retrospect, the movie being done by the guys who brought you the TWS movie In Color last season who have now been assimilated into the Videograss setep, looks set to feature a bunch of those American rail dudes you hear about but don't know too much about. And Knut Eliassen and Xavier De Le Rue.

We're stoked on 'em 'cause they keep drip feeding us bangers in these 5 Trick Fixes – there's some legit stompers in this one fo' sho'.

Here's what they say...

Five tricks from behind the scenes of Videograss' new film Retrospect, with Alex BB, Alex Cantin, Frank April and Jake Kuzyk.

This video will be available on DVD and iTunes August 31, 2011 and features the riding of Alex Andrews, Alex Cantin, Ben Bilocq, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Ethan Deiss, Jake Kuzyk, Harrison Gordon, Knut Eliasen, Xavier De Le Rue.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by Joe Carlino, Gary Milton and Hayden Wrench.