GoPro gave Travis and Victor one of their VR rigs when they were in AK to film for The Fourth Phase. Though these lines aren't quite as mental as some of the ones that made the movie, there's no doubting that this perspective is pretty tasty.

Despite what GoPro reckon, we found this worked better on a phone. The again, our desktop machine was built when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, so...

For maximum experience, watch in Google Chrome and listen with headphones.

Feel what it's like to ride in a helicopter and snowboard with the star of "The Fourth Phase," Travis Rice, as captured in this GoPro Omni VR experience.

This is just one of many moments from the film we will be sharing with our GoPro audience. A four-part GoPro series with footage from "The Fourth Phase" drops next Tuesday, October 11 on the GoPro YouTube channel and will air the following Tuesdays: October 18, 25 and November 1.

This exclusive series, 'GoPro Perspectives: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice,' will reveal what it’s like to be Travis as he drops into some of the world’s biggest lines.

"The Fourth Phase" is now on sale here: