[Photos: Lozza]

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It's a bit like living in the future, this. Virtual reality snowboard porn right here, but just remember - like actual porn - the real thing is way better, so remember to go out and actually go snowboarding. Don't all just live in the Matrix now...

Would you like to join some of Switzerland's best snowboarders for some park laps and pipe runs?

Well, this isn't just a dream anymore as Samsung presents a next level edit in 360-degree vision with rippers David Habluetzel and Pat Burgener, legendary Snowboarder Gian Simmen, young gun Kim Gubser and a couple of their shred buddies.

A spray to the left, a couple of jibs to the right and some massive kicker tricks in the middle – there is so much action to discover and almost endless ways to view this edit.But most decisively, this one displays what these sports should be all about: getting creative and having fun with your crew!

Man with pole making the magic happen.

To enable the 360° perspective the film is shot with a cubical rig with six cameras. Mounted on a drone or on a steadycam in the hands of the skiing camera man – the rig was always right in the middle of the action. In the post production all six angles were put together in one 360° clip. The

soundtrack is a song called “Infinite Dream" by Pat Burgener. Check out perspactives.com for exclusive behind the scenes material.

Gian Simmen deep in the Matrix.

For the best viewing experience, check this on your phone - and if you're super nerdy on your phone with one of those VR headsets - or even on a desktop computer.

Mob shred.