Here's a little Yobeat video of 17-year-old Sam Taxwood riding Park City. As a discerning visitor to our website you might wonder why we post this. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. Sam is just 17, and should serve as some inspiration for all you kids out there. You might want to try a little harder next time you're not feeling a back 7.
  2. The video has a nice flow, and it lasts only a minute. That's just about the maximum people of today's facebook culture can take in.
  3. Sam is a good example to mention whenever someone complains that this 26-year-old shop kid doesn't get a major sponsor deal. He's fucking 26 and shit, that's why.
  4. There's not much else happening on the internet today, so why not post this?
  5. Sam is so good at snowboarding, it makes reasons 1 to 4 completely obsolete.