Yes, this just happend. A 13-year-old just landed a backside 1440 triple cork. The world's gone mad.

We're sure you're familiar with pint-sized Norwegian Markus Kleveland from a couple of mind-blowing edits that dropped over the last couple of years, including this one where he puts down Cab double 12s... at a mere 12-years old. Now he's gone and turned it up to 11 by stomping a back triple 14 at a kicker session in Vierli, Norway.

"I was inspired when I saw Torstein Horgmo landed the triple cork for the first time three years ago," says Marcus. "Since then I have wanted to try it, and the first time I dared to try was at the Red Bull Performance Camp in Sun Valley last year. But the jump there was too small, and I landed on ice. Now everything was perfect, though."

However, it turns out that our Marcus has had a seriously unfair advantage over the rest of us. We discovered he's actually been snowboarding since he was 3 and we guarantee that if we too had started at such a tender age we'd totally be triple dipping all over the shop too and this wouldn't be a big deal. Sadly the snowboard had yet to be invented when we were three, and more importantly the internet couldn't play video when we were 13 either, so we missed the opportunity to snag the fame and glory this young kid from DombÄs will surely have coming his way.