Francis Jobin - remember that name. This kid's a mere 12 years old but, as you'll see in this video, already has the skills to pay the bills.

O'Neill's team manager, ex-pro rider Max Henault, seems to have the knack of discovering precociously talented Canadian rippers - he's had Seb Toutant under his O'Neill shaped wing since he was a grommet and it looks like in this young buck Francis Jobin he's got himself another pint-sized ripper with a bright future ahead of him.

Check the video. Apparently young Franky Boy weighs a mere 78 pounds and rides Le Relais every single day. It shows. We're eagerly awaiting the day someone posts a clip of a gestating foetus throwing quad corks off a uterine bump and gets a 10-year, squazillion dollar deal from Raging Speedhorn Energy Drinks.

Filmed and edited by Max Henault. As they say, "Welcome to the O'Neill Team! Proud to have you onboard."‚ÄčONeill.Canada