The Red Bull Double Pipe in Aspen was a helluva' show with some of the world's best transition riders descending on the four-faced monstrosity to redefine the meaning of double. We've seen the comp edit, and there's a pretty hilarious interview with Arthur Longo and Oliver Gittler floating around if you're a French speaker, but this edit dropped today and it short-circuited our brainboxes.

Pint-sized pipe enthusiast Jack Coyne has given the Red Bull Double Pipe at Aspen a vigorous beating that only a youthful set of knees can. Jack is a Vail local that's been tearing up the terrain park and the pipe for a few years, and it's safe to say he's fairly damn good at it.

Bearing in mind the pipe chewed up and spat out some of the most seasoned pipe riders on the planet, it's pretty ballsy to take on the double pipe, when it's probably 8 or 9 times overhead. Jack is apparently a ripper on the skateboard as well...sound familiar?

Either way, check Jack riding better than you. He definitely gets more amplitude out of the pipe than we do...on second thoughts, we're off to the pub for an existential crisis.