Has it really come to this? On a slow day like today the answer is, yes, it really has. So with nothing else remotely interesting happening, enjoy a collection of 10 epic snowboard fails...

What happens if you have an intern you don't know what to do with? This. A collection of 10 epic fails of people on snowboards. What on earth did we use to do before online video and mobile phone cameras allowed us to belly laugh at people who have a lack of skill or an excess of kodak courage? Whatever, these are arguably more fun than watching another back 10 double fest.

Truly, this is revolutionary snowboard journalism. Epic. Snowboard. Fails.

1. This is a fat girl belly-flopping on a waterslide. Amazing

2. Skip to 1.05 for perhaps the dumbest thing we have ever seen

3. The Helgasons, this girl ain't

4. How not to backflip part 1

5. How not to backflip part 2

6. Always check the landing's clear before dropping

7. Getting it all so wrong

8. This kid has obviously watched too many double corks

9. More speed please

10. Less speed please