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After its re-launch it should be well-known that the Almdudler Snowpark Sölden doesn’t only have a massive setup, but also caters for loads of fun. Show us with a funny picture, just how much fun freestylers have while running wild in Sölden and cash up a staggering 1,000,- Euros! Taking part in the Almdudler Freestyle Gaudi isn’t exactly rocket science. All you need to do is go to Sölden and take a picture of yourself. Not just any odd picture, of course: it should include tons of action and snow, so show us your love of the winter and freestyle! Shoot your pic either in the Almdudler Snowpark Sölden, anywhere else on the mountain or down in the valley in Sölden and don’t just stand around randomly, but go crazy, roll in the snow, make some sick moves – in short: have wagonloads of fun!


If that’s done, send your picture to freestylegaudi@qparks.com until February 8th, 2012. With your pic you’ll then automatically be part of the voting on Facebook, so get as many of your friends as possible to like your pic and WIN! Here’s what’s on the silver plate: - Total price of 1,000€ cash from Almdudler - Massive Oakley goodies, such as jackets, beanies or hoodies - One year supply of Almdudler lemonade But at such a massive picture contest as the Almdudler Freestyle Gaudi, not just the participants can win. Amongst all voters, 5 Moreboards vouchers worth 50€ each and 5 alpine rucksacks from Almdudler will be raffled additionally! No matter if you want to take a picture or lean back and just vote – taking part in the Almdudler Freestyle Gaudi definitely pays off, so get your cameras ready and show us that you can have more than just a good time! For the latest news and updates on the Almdudler Snowpark Sölden, go to www.snowpark-soelden.com or visit us on Facebook!