Makia Book Of Records Official World Record for the most amount of methods in 60 seconds goes down at the world famous Talma.

Makia has officially claimed for themselves by themselves the official world record for the most amount of methods in 60 seconds at Talma Glacier (5500 cm above sea level).

Some of you might remember the old popcorn commercial put out by Quiksilver back in the day with Danny Kass, Todd Richards and the rest of the old Quik team for the Winter X –Games.

Well the boys at Makia Clothing co., a brainchild of Joni Malmi and Jesse Hyvari came up together with some other legendary shredders such as Heikki Sorsa, Joni Makinen the great idea of doing it for real, but true to the Makia brand they did it also with style!

Check the clip for a who’s who of Finnish Snowboarding legends as they go for the record of tweaknastiness for the most amount of methods in one minute at the Makia Company challenge in Talma, Finland.

Like Where’s Wally (or waldo for the Americans) see if you can match the style with the rider and win a Makia T-Shirt. Send your answers to

Hint in no particular order:

Joni Malmi (Forum)

Jesse Hyväri (Makia ex Hammer)

Joni Mäkinen (Capita)

Heikki Sorsa (You should know)

Janne Heiskanen (Nitro)

Ali Toppinen (Icon)

Kaius Korpela (Icon)

Rasmus Tikkanen (Storbis/Villa Wool/ Killer Videographer for Eero Ettala)

Jussi Tarvainen (K2)

Kimmo Tuhola (Roistola Crew)

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