Our buddy Rens, of the follicophilic flatland collective, themustachio.com, sent in this report and video of their snowdome Tour of Duty. Check out parts 1, 2 & 3 now!

The Netherlands and Belgium are probably one of the few countries in the world without any natural inclination worth mentioning, so we’re always bound to travel to practically any neighboring country. They do have ski resorts, all of them. However, we live in the country with the highest density of indoor slopes, with the magic number somewhere around seven. And with seven indoor slopes all maximum 2 hours driving distance away from your home it's a hard decision choosing which slope to shred.

Shredding indoors is in no way comparable to shredding real pow and park, but nonetheless it can be super nice. Especially when it’s summertime and the need for some fresh tricks is what’s driving you crazy while trying to skate. Like an ice-cream on a hot summer day, or a cold shower, a cool beer, naked women? Come on, you’re still not convinced it's that awesome? That's why we, theMustachio.com, find it our duty to show you creative indoor slashing while you sip on Mojito’s on the beach.

With a camera and a bunch of topnotch shred machines, hairy veterans and upcoming creative minds alike, we travel all noteworthy indoor slopes to get awesomeness on tape. It’s our Tour of Duty.

With our video dawg Tim Schiphorst behind the lens we provide you bi-weekly shredness straight out of the coldest places around. Three of our Tour of Duty stops can already be found on theMustachio.com and there are more video’s to come. Check it out!

Le videos pour toi!

Tour of Duty - Snowworld http://vimeo.com/5789334

Tour of Duty Snowworld from themustachio on Vimeo.

Tour of Duty - Snowplanet http://vimeo.com/5939111

Tour of Duty Snowplanet from themustachio on Vimeo.

Tour of Duty - De Uithof http://vimeo.com/6179797

Tour of Duty de Uithof from themustachio on Vimeo.