Have you been watching the Roxy podcasts? No? Well go check them out on the Roxy channel in Onboard TV right now.

Since September, Roxy has been releasing a new episode every week from their snowboard podcast series. The films are free to download or watch online and will be released over the whole of the 2007 - 2008 winter.

Each podcast shows a different part of Roxy life and follow riders such as Kjersti Buaas, Torah Bright and Tania Detomas (along with all the other members of the Roxy team) in Europe, Canada, Japan and The United States.

There are thirty podcasts in total and they include videos such as: - Freeriding in the Kicking Horse, Canada with Lesley McKenna - A Day in the Life of Margot Rozies - How to do an Air to Fakie with Kjersti Buaas - Tania and Basa's Rail Session in Utah - The Roxy girls answers our questions - The Roxy Chicken Jam in Park City, USA