It must be great being a shred-stoked grom these days. All you need is an internet connection and you're able to pipe in countless free snowboard videos as brands and film companies bear hug the infobahn for all it's worth. The latest of these 'Free On The Internet in Broken Up Parts' flicks is the Rip Curl team's effort - Welcome Home.

Here's how they pimp it: "Welcome Home is the brand new snowboard video starring the Rip Curl pro team. After last year's exotic adventures in the immaculate mountains of Abkhazia this year, the search brought their riders to home playgrounds of Victor Delarue, Nils Arvidsson, Darius Heristchian and Victor Daviet."

Check parts 1-3 right now.


Nils Arvidsson flexes in his Swedish Speedos and introduces the RC riders to his home town of Sundsvall.

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Victor Daviet takes the boys to the jibs and pow stashes around his home resort of Queyras.

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Victor Delerue tours the team around the Pyrenees to hit up some big bertha booters, chuck double corks and generally get amongst it. There's also the EL Burro session in here too.

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