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The follicle-philic flatlanders have dropped teaser number 1 for their upcoming film 'Basic Stuff', and it looks real fun. Plenty of gnarly slams, hippie shred and hammers. Here's what they say:

"Recordings have been taking place in the mountains, cityscapes and suburbs of Finland, USA, Italy and the Netherlands. From when we first picked up a camera in early 2008 until the spring of 2009 we have been capturing our friends and interests along the way. Now it’s all coming together in the JimmyFilms’ first production called ‘Basic Stuff’, set to be released for free download in the Fall of ’09. Check for updates." Yes we will, gents.

Featuring the riding of: Gerrit Verweij, Joey van Essen, Roy Lansbergen, Daan Rigter, Rens van Drimmelen, Lenn Verjans, David van Gessel, Cees Wille and friends from around the globe.