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To coincide with Gigi Rüf's interview in Onboard issue 107, Absinthe Films gave us access to some of the shots that will be going into his part in their upcoming release, Neverland.

Needless to say, we were mad stoked to check out what the Gigster had come up with and have edited together a montage so you can have but a taste of what to expect.

So, for all you guys and gals chomping at the bit to see the annual backcountry freestyle festival that is an Absinthe release, well, this will get you even more stoked. Sit back, relax and enjoy Herr Rüf going ballistic.

And when you're done, go check the Neverland teaser and if all this jazz doesn't make you want to beeline for the nearest snow patch then you must be clinically dead.