Finest Hip Hop meets deluxe Snowboard Action!

VÖLKL-SNOWBOARDS.TV has teamed up with Hip Hop master Mister DEMOGRAFFICS aka Achim Schneemann and DJs Pimp and Rufflow in order to bring you an extraordinary series of podcasts for 2009!

The new 09.TV episodes will kick off with a team shooting in DefRaggn on January 16 with Alex Schmaltz, Chris CK Kröll, Claudia Fliri, Loui Purucker, Marc André Tarte, Simon Schweiger, Michi Stanschitz, Roger Schuler, Benny Mösl and Simon Pircher and will then be continued every two weeks with further episodes like an ISPO special, a three-part trip to Japan or a report about avalanche awareness camps and tons of other interesting footage.

The ultimate highlight is the exclusive soundtrack put together by the DEMOGRAFFICS. So be prepared, keep your ears and eyes open!

The new DEMOGRAFFICS album Bird’s Eye View is packed with a mix of social criticism, lyrical comedy, blazing cuts and dirty beats available on