We have the Snowbroader Video of the Absolut Spring Battle in Flachauwinkl for you to enjoy!

The set-up presented endless opportunities for progression and creativity and riders utilized the 20m ‘Cowboy Kicker’ and a number of obstacles including a wallride, logs, boxes and rails to ‘ride it hard – cowboy style’ throughout the day. Jaakko Ruha won this year's event! He outstyled his opponents with a BS 10 to FS 9 Tail grab on his first run, and a Cab 9 to BS 7 on his second. Local rider, Herby Thaler managed to snag second place with a Cab 9 to FS 7 Tail and a BS 9 Melon to Cab 270. 2007 Absolut Park Spring Battle winner, Ville Uotila claimed third place with a FS 9 Melon to Switch BS 9 on his first run and a Cab 9 to FS 9 on his second. Matevz Pristavec’s BS 1080 Mute, Jean-Jacques Roux‘ perfect FS 10 Tailgrab and Simon Gruber’s unique BS 180 to Wallride BS 180 off also stood out.

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http://vimeo.com/4162909 Absolut Spring Battle 2009 from snowbroader.eu on Vimeo