The Pirates are back from one of their best filming seasons!


Overseas… the latest creation from Pirate Movie Production… our winter, introducing passionate moments on snow captured on 16mm to enjoy from wherever one may be. Throughout the winter we’ve witnessed some of the most progressive and imaginative snowboarding up to date. Take a look into the inventive urban jib spots, the inspiring tricks very rarely seen and never before captured on film, just for your eyes to feast upon. The experimental filming techniques and not forgetting the unique backcountry spots you all wish you knew of their whereabouts...

As an added bonus the DVD comes with a 100 page art book.

Come on board and join us on our adventures Overseas …..

Pirate DVDs are distributed in Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, China.

Release date: September 13th


Starring: Dan Brisse Mike Casanova Gigi Rüf Marko Grilc Josh Sherman Tyler Chorlton Kalle Ohlson Sani Alibabic Hans Ahlund Danny Larsen Eirik Haugo Osa Emeric Front Drew Fuller Marco Feichtner Jocki Köffler

Featuring: Björn Hartweger Teo Konttinen Lukas Golller Hannes Metzler David Benedek TJ Schneider Dimi Fesenko