There are three new episodes of the Ästhetiker's tellÄvision on ONBOARD TV!!

Watch them fooling around on a road trip through Spain, Mone going down in Down Under and the crew shredding Flachauwinkel in Austria.

Ästhetiker Mone Monsberger decided to flee from the bad summer in Europe to get some snow action in Down Under and attend the Style Wars contest. But instead of doing 30m jumps he decided to rather head to the woods and jib some gum trees instead. Hopefully he didn't hurt the Grilc-cangaroo which is quite rare even in Australia...

But the Ästhetikers wanted to check out more territory and went on a roadtrip to Spain. They packed all their toys including skateboard, snowboard, snow skate and surf board and headed south. Expect a lot of fun and some serious action from topless snowboarding to backcountry kickers to skateboarding down the road - followed by cars.

And last but not least the Ästhertikers decided to have some good times in Flachauwinkel, so they invited some snow- and skateboarder friends to have some fun. Besides a great session in the Absolut Park and with some secret spots in the backcountry they also rocked the mini ramp in the Chill House.