Runway Films' latest flick 'See What I See' was the latest movie premiere to hit up Onboard's home town of Munich, so when we found out two of it's heavy hitting shredettes would be swinging by we wasted no time in bribing Leanne and Raewyn to come for an interview. Those Onboard socks work every time...

Melanie sat down and got the nitty gritty out of the two Canadians, on everything from what hammers you can expect to how it was actually they who dug out the now-famous Quebec City down-flat ledge. Yeah girls!

The film itself is a real banger, with some of the most legit femme-shred this scribe can recall all tied together in a nicely flowing package. As it was one of those movie premieres where the Chicas punch was flowing, a more coherent and fully appreciative review will come in the future.

Now check it! And get more info about the movie on the Runway Films site.