Forum Snowboards is proud to announce “Forum or Against ’em", a high-definition, full-color film starring the influential members of the Forum team. CHECK THE TEASER NOW!

Set to release in Fall 2008, Forum or Against ’em will contain a compelling mixture of video imagery, documenting remarkable backcountry adventures, progressive urban exploits and the notable times spent in-between.

Forum or Against 'em will be Forum's fifth team-video release, upholding the progression of an acknowledged movie-making process that has made legacy releases so noteworthy – including The Resistance, True Life, Video Gangs and That.

Forum or Against ’em will feature the riding of Peter Line, Joni Malmi, Eddie Wall, John Jackson, Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Stevie Bell, Travis Kennedy, Jake Welch, Nic Sauve and Daniel Ek with production and editing by Jeremy Pettit, Nathan Yant, Kurt Heine and Mike Bishop.