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The first in French ripper Franck Moissonnier's series of webisodes sees him bring it to the table with his video part.

As you'll see from his interview in issue 112 - out end of the month - despite 'getting a real job' in team management, Franck Moissonnier is still more than capable of throwing down with the kids he now has to look after. Over the next few weeks, Fridays will be Francky Friday as he drops a series of webisodes, from full parts like today, to Points of View, to check outs with his boys and more.

"14 months ago I started working for Nike 6.0 as the French team manager," explains Franck. "I was thinking about stopping shooting, but at the end of the season when I got my footage, for just 9 days of filming last season, I'm happy to have a part like this. It proves to my riders that I'm not finished, hahah, but I guess the motivation to ride with my APO team mates and my Nike 6.0 riders pushes me a lot..."

Damn, we've got about 90 years of combined shredding here in the office and yet haven't come up with anything remotely like Franck managed in 9 days. Check it out, and enjoy.