Based out of Tampere, Finland, FMP (Full Motion Pictures) debut movie, Code, was released in 2002 and they followed up with the web-distributed Metsi Nxt in 04 that garnered a big audience thanks to the new media distribution channel. 2005 saw FMP's third release, Daily Extras more than doubled the download count of the previous film and now, with Night Shift they front up with their best shots over the past two years.

Filmed on location in Finland, Sweden and Norway, both on and off the hill, Night Shift showcases an array of up-an-coming Finnish talent such as Hans Kestilä, Joel Lahti, Otto Veijola, Tero Poikajärvi, Jani Isaksson, Juha-Matti Kuortti, Tatu Laakso, Joona Mörsky, Niko Lehtola, Tom Hannelius, Arto Saraniemi, Mikko Kivistö and Oskari Tinkanen.

Night Shift is available to watch in full on Onboard TV, and you can download the whole shebang on