Notes - previously known by the working title of Dream of Pop - is Norwegian movie crew Factor Films' 2008 release and will be available covermounted free with Onboard issue 101. Out October 30, 2008.

Maybe it's the filming, maybe it's the riding, maybe it's the music, hell, maybe it's the weather... but something about this teaser has got us PUMPED.

RIDERS: Torstein Horgmo, Eiki Helgason, Ståle Sandbech, Mats Hofgaard, Hans Åhlund, Kareem El-Rafie, Andreas Gidlund, Sindre Iversen, Gulli Gudmundson, Ulrik Badertcher, Adi Velic, Håkon Tønnesen, Nils Arvidson, Tore Holvik, Halldor Helgason + friends.

LOCATIONS: Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Canada, USA and Russia.

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