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The Aussie Roxette shows off her new outerwear line, and then it all goes a bit mental.

Filmed on location in Kaunertal shortly before the Roxy Chicken Jam 2009, Torah gives us a walkthrough on her new signature line, there's some great footage of her ample riding skills and then the zombies take over. Yes, zombies. Think From Dusk till Dawn but with snowboard chicks and you're on the right track.

Look out for bloody, staggering, white-faced cameos from most of the Roxy team, not to mention that of Onboard senior photographer Matt Georges who has the dubious pleasure of having his throat gouged out by a Vixen zombie version of Roxy rider Aline Bock. And to top it off, there's even a climactic scene that pays homage to that weird dude who made some epic pop tunes in the 80s.

Check it out.