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Nitro are proud to present you the first trailer ever from the Nitro Road Warrior crew.

We decided to call the movie ESPERANTO due to the mix of languages that we always speak when we are on the road. That trailer shows some of the major impressions that we had during our last season. It was basically a trip around the world, from China, to Norway, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switerland to the US.

The finals movie ESPERANTO will be free for download mid of september on It will be kind of a travelstory of the European Team where the impressions of each country we traveled to will be shown in more detail.

Featuring: Anton Gunnarsson, Marc Swoboda, Thomas Feuerstein, Nils Arvidsson, Anton Bilare, Tobis Karlsson, Tobi Strauss, Matthias Nyberg, Basti Rittig, Domenik Wagner