With Stylewars 2008 just days away, we thought there's no better time to stroll down memory lane and watch the highlights of what went down in Falls Creek, Australia at last year's gig.

Last year saw the mother of all contest kickers get seriously seen to by Dustin Craven, Jake Koia and Torstein Horgmo - with the young Norwegian putting down a heavy frontside 10 - plus a host of other sick shredding over the 3 day event. Torstein ended up bagging the big cheque ahead of Kiwi Will Jackways and Aussie Robbie Walker. We'll be having a bunch of coverage from this year's event starting Monday 25th August, so keep your beady eyes out for that.

Click on the links below for each individual movie, or the big orange one to start with Andy Finch guinneapigging the beast that scrolls into the rest.

Stylewars 07 - Finch Guinneapigs booter.

Stylewars 07 - Day 1.

Stylewars 07 - Day 2.

Stylewars 07 - Rail jam and Final day.