A new addition to the madness that is ISPO 2015, in the form of Finnish slayer Markku Koski's weapon of choice: a Vimana Snowboard. Henry Jackson, as always has the lowdown.

Vimana Snowboards is a new snowboard company based out of Stavanger, Norway. With a team of Scandic legends including Marrku Koski himself and legendary transition rider Freddy Austbø. It's a Nordic noir affair, with a heapo of talented Finns and 'Wegians taking pride of place in the stacked team. There's a few continental Euro's thrown in to the Vimana Snowboards team in the form of Michi Albin and a smattering of other talented riders.

In tune with the Nordic noir theme, Markku hasn't really given much away on the new Vimana Flight snowboard apart from that it looks sick. We would be inclined to agree with the #AllBlackEverything aesthetic they're going for. The chances are that if it's under the feet of riders like Markku and Freddy, it's gonna be stiffer than a morgue on a Sunday.