Burton Air 1992 skateboard

Johannes Guerreiro from Cologne, Germany, just dropped us a line about a pretty sweet thing that he's got going on at the moment - converting old, vintage snowboards into cruiser/longboard skate decks.

Burton Alp skateboard

Johannes makes the skateboards by cutting the shapes out of snowboard decks, rounding off the edges and covering the boards with glass powder painted in enamel, which serves as a transparent grip. Like most good snowboards they have a high quality wood core, and a predictable flex.


You're opinion of these is likely to fall into one of two camps: either you can't bear the thought of ever tampering with a classic vintage snowboard such as a 1988 Sims Razor (and can recognise the price that these boards might be worth to collectors), or, you like the idea of getting new life out of an otherwise aesthetic house ornament that sits gathering dust in a garage or hanging on a wall.


Whichever way you look at it, you have to admit that these things look pretty damn rad.

To check out more of Johannes work, including the prices of the skateboards above, head to the Visual Overkill website.